Coffee-lovers be ready

Coffee-lovers be ready

12 May 2018 | Tourism

Coffee lovers have every reason to be excited about the stand of Komnik & Franck, as they will be launching a new range of coffees at this year’s Namibia Tourism Expo.

Well-known for its quality personal service and great range of products, Komnik & Franck is now importing Jacobs coffee to Namibia, in line with the brand’s motto of “Wecke Deine Träume”. While some of us are already familiar with Jacobs instant coffee, which has been intermittently imported by a few stores, Komnik & Franck are taking it to the next level and will be offering a comprehensive new range of Jacobs products.

Right up front two varieties of Jacobs espresso beans, which are ready to be ground up and brewed, will be on offer. The Jacobs Bankett Medium is a medium roast Arabica/Robusta blend, offering a well-rounded coffee with a strong flavour profile and long lasting aromatic body. The second brew is the Jacobs Café Crema, which is a 100 Arabica medium to dark roasted coffee, giving a multi-layered and expressive body with nutty flavours.

Komnik & Franck is also offering two types of Jacobs liquid roast coffee to its clients, consisting of a medium and strong roast. Rather unknown in Namibia to date, liquid roast coffee is simply a liquid coffee concentrate, which is used for vending machines. The advantage of using liquid roast coffee is to be found in the fact that it can firstly be prepared in a matter of seconds and secondly that it tastes as fresh as it did, when the beans were roasted. The quality and speed makes a Jacobs vending machine ideal for breakfast buffets, conferences or any event where coffee is needed on a swift basis for larger groups of people.

Last but certainly not least, the offer will include Jacobs Instant Sticks, which hold premium freeze dried coffee in single serving packages. The sticks are perfect for any accommodation and hospitality establishment, which need to provide quality coffee to its guests in the room or public area, while it certainly works in an office environment too.

Founded in 1954 by Anton Komnik and George Franck, the company started in a private home and garage with only three employees and has since grown to become the prominent established business, which it is today, employing 30 people. Komnik & Franck caters for customers in the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants, lodges and guesthouses, but also corporate companies and retail customers.

Furthermore, Komnik & Franck also offers barista training, convinced that the skill of preparing good coffee is an important value-add to all hospitality-related business. The three day course is limited to 12 people at a time and deals with the theory and training required to become a barista.

Visit Komnik & Franck at the Maerua hall for more information. Also be sure to taste some of the fantastic wine from various wine farms, which will be presented by Komnik & Franck at their Expo-stand. These include Boplaas, Fort Simon, Audacia, Vil’Olien, Org de Rac, Alvi’s Drift, Leopard’s Leaps and Zandvliet.

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