Exploring the Zambezi-region

Exploring the Zambezi-region

Route taken by Chloe Durr for Tourismus Namibia's August 2019 edition

03 September 2019 | Tourism

Driving conditions in the north-east vary according to weather conditions. During the raining season lasting from roughly November to April, leaving the main tar road without anything but an all-wheel drive vehicle is nigh on impossible.

We mostly travelled along the B8 - the Golden Highway of Namibia - that leads off the B1 highway at Otavi via Grootfontein, Rundu, through the Caprivi Strip to Katima Mulilo, and further on to the Botswana border at Ngoma. For a more scenic riverine detour, we travelled along the Kavango Open Africa Route (KOAR) along the (D3402) – a well-maintained gravel road offering further perspective on Kavango rural life and riverine views.

The driving experience on the roads in the north-east was positive – keep in mind we visited in July when the region was in drought. The only time we experienced problems was when taking off-roads to lodges/campsites as a result of thick sand. I would advise that one enquires ahead of time regarding road conditions if you are not driving a 4X4. Keep a watchful eye for cattle and goats roaming on the road and keep watch of your fuel gauge and speed whilst enjoying your adventure.
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