The Divine Dolomite

03 June 2019 | Tourism

By Elizabeth de Klerk

Serenity. Tranquillity. Beauty. These are the words that come to mind when reflecting back on the time Lloyd and I spent at Dolomite Camp. This wonder is situated near the Galton Gate in the western parts of the great Etosha National Park. Namibian Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is the exclusively operator of rest camps within the borders of the Etosha National Park.

Etosha is one of the largest savannah conservation areas in Africa and is world renowned for its huge selection of wildlife, such as elephants, black- and white rhinos, lions, leopards and cheetahs. It is also home to large herds of springbok, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and a multitude of other fascinating species. What makes Etosha so special is that it reflects the vision of NWR, which is reflected by the manner in which their camps are set up: to appreciate and observe these unique creatures in their natural habitat.

Arriving at Dolomite - the sun was already hanging lazy and low - we were not only welcomed in a professional, friendly manner, but also indulged in some refreshing homemade iced-tea. Within minutes we were checked in, well informed about all the camp has to offer and escorted to our unit. Following an elevated wooden pathway we reached our quarters. With the swing of the door, we were mesmerized by the unique beauty of the room, which fully captured what could be termed the essence of Namibia. Only one thought came to mind: It was time to bid the sun farewell with a cold one whilst inhaling the crisp African air, before embarking on our adventure.

Evening was upon us and it was time to grab a bite at one of the two restaurants, which are situated in close proximity to the rest of the camp amenities. Our table had been set and a three-course meal (starter, selection of three main courses and a dessert) were dished up. Having satisfied our taste buds with a splendid meal, we headed down the now romantically lit pathway to the bar and lounge area. A variety of South African Wines and international liquor for all tastes was available to be enjoyed in a relaxing environment - perfect for blowing off some steam. Finally we retired to our room and under a canopied bed and blanket of blue sky with moonlit stars we readied ourselves for the following day.

Gently awakened by the soft morning rays - no alarm needed - we were looking forward to a day filled with views of African creatures and spectacular sights. We enjoyed a tasty brunch next to the beautifully-set infinity pool. Observing and enjoying nature we later lunched while small herds of animals trampled past us, making their way to the Dolomite waterhole close by. Shortly before three o’clock our excitement could hardly be contained - we were more than ready for our safari game drive, hosted by our trusted guide, Mekondjo Haipinge. “I have always had a love for nature and documentaries deepened this passion,” Mekondjo responded, when asked what had made him start out on this path. And true to style he expressed that passion while telling us about each and every animal we encountered, including informing us about their unique characteristics. His simple and humorous explanations made for a fulfilling and very pleasant experience.

What sets Divine Dolomite apart from the rest you might wonder? This camp is well on its way to become completely environmentally friendly. It is already recognized in the tourism industry as a frontrunner for going GREEN. Small improvements and initiatives such as using bio-degradable amenities in all units, solar power generation, saving energy by switching off all power between midnight and 5 o’clock in the mornings, using brown paper garbage bags and many more, all prove that good intentions are in fact turned into reality here. Divine Dolomite is proof that Namibia is keeping up with the rest of the world when it comes to being kinder to our planet, because small things do matter. The camp prides itself in its efforts to remain sustainable and to capture the imagination of its visitors, causing them to leave as lifelong friends of our beautiful lady - Namibia.

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