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From loin-cloth to jeans

2 weeks ago - 02 July 2018 | Tourism

When you intend visiting the Fiume Bush Camp, which is situated north-east of Grootfontein, do not expect to find bushmen sticking to their original way...

The hidden magic of Namibia’s north-east

2 weeks ago - 02 July 2018 | Tourism

Access to these areas is warranted by tar roads, which are in pretty good condition. Once there, you can still leave these main access roads...


2 weeks ago - 02 July 2018 | Tourism

RIVER OF MANY NAMESThe Kwando River changes its name no fewer than four times along its journey from the highlands of Angola to Lake Liambezi....

Traveller Tips

2 weeks ago - 02 July 2018 | Tourism

· Remember that in this part of the country cash is still very much king, so make sure to...

Super Lauscher, guter Schnüffler

2 weeks ago - 02 July 2018 | Tourism

Immer aktiv Der Löffelhund (Otocyon megalotis), auch Löffelfuchs oder Großohrfuchs genannt, ist ein Wildhund der afrikanischen Savanne, der durch seine hauptsächlich aus Termiten bestehende Nahrung...

Faszinierendes Namibia

2 weeks ago - 02 July 2018 | Tourism

Weite Landschaften, verschiedene Volksgruppen und eine faszinierende Flora und Fauna - das ist Namibia. Um diese Vielfältigkeit des Landes weiter zu vermitteln, können Sie gerne...


4 weeks ago - 22 June 2018 | Tourism

Das Gefühl der Befremdlichkeit ist schneller weg als es gekommen war. Auch wenn man auf dem kurzen Fußmarsch vom Camp zu den Buschleuten noch darüber...


4 weeks ago - 22 June 2018 | Tourism

The Okavango, Kwando/Linyanti and Zambezi rivers are the habitat of a rich diversity of fish - with 79 species recorded in the Okavango River and...

Wonderful Indonesia

1 month - 28 May 2018 | Tourism

With five main islands and literally thousands of smaller islands, Indonesia is sure to amaze any traveller with its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty....

Coffee-lovers be ready

1 month - 28 May 2018 | Tourism

Coffee lovers have every reason to be excited about the stand of Komnik & Franck, as they will be launching a new range of coffees...