Eight Namibian-born cubs now in India

Another four cheetah cubs were born this week to one of the Namibian cheetahs which were translocated to India.

News of Namibian cheetah Jwala’s cubs first broke on 23 January, with the animal giving birth at the Kuno National Park just weeks after another Namibian cheetah, Aasha, had three of her own.

These recent births have taken the number of cubs born from Namibian cheetahs at Kuno to eight, with seven born just this month.

Namibia translocated eight cheetahs to India in September 2022 under Project Cheetah, aimed at re-introducing the large carnivore species to that country.

The total number of cheetahs at Kuno currently stands at 21 (six males, seven females and eight cubs).

This month also marked the death of Shaurya, an adult Namibian cheetah, on 16 January.

Since last March, seven adult cheetahs have died due to various reasons.