Exhilarating X5 impresses

Photo: Augetto Graig

Exhilarating X5 impresses

Sublime X5 XDrive XLine BMW embodies the luxury SUV

28 June 2021 | Tourism

The BMW X5 30d XDrive Xline should be x-rated for all its unabashed opulence, all its extravagant luxuriousness and its unashamed extroverted exuberance.

by Augetto Graig, Windhoek

Pupkewitz BMW allowed My.Na Cars to take a BMW X5 out for a spin that inspired consensus that the N$1,4 million plus price-tag for this slice of the good life, is worth every cent.

Keyless everything

Keyless everything, high technology designed to serve, tantalizing finishes and applied innovation are inherent to this theatre of dreams on wheels. Taking command of this iron fist in its deep velvety glove and chopping through the city traffic or getting out on the highway, where raw speed and power mean absolute dominance, is nothing less than epic.

The Swarovski crystal creates a sparkling knob for a gear-lever and glistens as the start/stop button. With the sun-roof retracted the brilliant Namibian sunshine can scatter to make the cabin seem magical. Ambient lighting in a variety of colours to choose from, is not only a feature, but an extension of the driver, and an expression of the mood, that few other automobile owners get to experience. The double-stitched leather softens the eloquent curves that characterise the interior design, and beautifies the incredibly adaptive leather seats, that can remember your favourite driving position and adjust to it at the push of a button.

Perform on command

At Pupkewitz BMW they called it ‘tailored performance’, a fitting term for a driving experience that drivers can tweak on the fly, and everything at the push of a button. The 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission features a number of settings from sport to comfort, eco pro and adaptive, which allows this incredible machine to match its behaviour to your particular driving style. The diesel 2 993cc engine sports six inline cylinders and is able to kick out 195kW at 4 000 revolutions per minute, and to generate a maximum torque of 620nM between 2 000 and 2 500 revolutions per minute. Fuel consumption clocks in at about 7 litres per 100km and CO2 emissions have been measured at 185g per km. When towing, the new X5 employs the trailer stability control system. This system assesses trailer movement and sway, applying the brakes automatically where it sees fit.

Style is a big part of this icon automobile’s DNA, beautifully illustrated by the gorgeous curvy lines of the body and the aggressive grill with its large air intakes below, accentuating a classic BMW appeal. The high rear door opens effortlessly to reveal1870 litres of flexible space in the plush interior. Inside an easy balance between the established dial and button design of the radio controls and the ultra-modern versatility of the double-sized touch-screen console placed next to the graphical driver instrument panel.

Augmented reality

The rear-view camera display includes guide-lines overlaid upon the images and allows activation of Park Assist or Reversing Assistant features, as easily as switching the camera for display or accessing the settings. The front camera hidden under the nose of the grill is very convenient for avoiding driving over rocks and hazardous obstacles unknowingly and unsighted by the size of the engine's hood.

- Power

- Performance

- Opulence

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Exhilarating X5 impresses

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