Nothing frightens Mitsubishi’s Triton

Nothing frightens Mitsubishi’s Triton

01 April 2021 | Tourism

The incredible Mitsubishi Triton double-cab 2,4l intercooled turbo-diesel Super Select 2, 4x4 is a fearless machine built to go there, where-ever there may be, with ease and aplomb. This is an adventurer’s automobile, made to take on the most rugged conditions and equipped for the most out-back double-track meandering routes to the most isolated places: Perfect for exploring the otherwise impenetrable bushveld and discovering the impeccable treasures of nature kept safe from city-plebs by Namibia’s vast distances and varied wilderness. Boasting a carrying capacity of nearly a ton (950kg) and with plenty of legroom in the back, the Triton allows brave souls to bring the whole family and the kitchen sink (optional) along for the adventure.

Power and performance is the name of the Triton game, putting technology developed during Mitsubishi’s reign over the world-famous Dakar Rally to very good use. The Super Select 2 four-wheel drive system allows this road-monster to effortlessly and quickly shift between its 2H, 4H, 4HLc and 4LLc modes simply. Push in the clutch, turn the dial, wait a moment and off you go, leaving the pedestrian asphalt behind and slipping away between the grasping branches of track-side thorn-trees. The additional electronic assistance allows the driver to select either Gravel, Mud-Snow or Sand mode in 4HLc to suit surface conditions, while the Rock mode available in 4LLC will make light work of the most formidable rutted bush tracks.

Engage the central differential in 4H to affect a permanent four-wheel drive mode. Idle along riverbeds and up uneven rocky hillside ascents to the top where the view stretches off into the distance as far as the eye can see. Off-road the 430Nm of torque comes into its own. When on the open road the six-speed manual transmission encourages cruising along at very respectable speeds, making full use of the 133kW of power the engine provides.

This automobile makes use of electronic off-road assistance, push-button hill-descent control and its secondary rear-diff lock to negotiate the most ridiculous escapades with total confidence. The bulky steering wheel is mounted with convenient radio and telephone controls and thanks to a more mechanical power-steering mechanism, translates the ground-surface characteristics into the palms of the driver’s hands to allow that special connection to the land you are rolling over. Getting a feel for the track is ultimately inevitable in such a motor vehicle. Embracing the wonder that is bushveld Namibia is mandatory.

All this and the creature-comforts included with a stylishly intimidating profile, makes the Triton stand out from the crowd. Hill start assist and a built-in brake assist system, active stability and traction control, electronic brake-force distribution and daytime running lights are all standard. Safety is enhanced thanks to Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body construction, seven airbags, child seat anchors and side-impact bars. The rear-view camera and the speed-sensing automatic door lock mechanism are also included. Keyless entry and push-button start features are complimented by the electrically adjustable fold-away mirrors and the levelling device for the LED headlamps.

The 2,4l manual Triton double-cab is available in Windhoek from Mitsubishi Motors Namibia where sales executive Karl-Heinz Eisenberg can organise a good deal for you from about N$635 000, or get yourself the automatic transmission version for around N$655 000.

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