Oranjemund - Gem of the Sperrgebiet


Oranjemund - Gem of the Sperrgebiet

05 November 2020 | Tourism

Oranjemund has been open for business for a while now and this month announced in its OMD 2030-newsletter, that new road signs have been erected to guide visitors to the important sites, not least of which the Tourism Information Hub.

Because that is what the home-based initiative OMD 2030 does – they promote Oranjemund as a tourism destination (visit their internet page: omd2030.com) and the Tourismus Namibia magazine can attest to that.

Oranjemund has been the centre of Namibian diamond mining for many years reaching back to the colonial days. In the meantime the previous Sperrgebiet-Park has been opened to the public and is now known as the Tsau //Khaeb National Park, giving you one more reason to go visit the area – combine it with a visit to Lüderitz! The Tourist Information Centre is found in the centre of town, next to the museum. Wildlife enthusiasts will find the area particularly interesting, with gemsbok, springbok and ostrich wandering the streets safely along with citizens, while jackals can be seen in the evenings. On account of its vicinity to the Orange River it is a birdwatcher’s paradise and the rich plant life is interspersed with rare species such as the “flowering stone plant” (Lithops species) found in the Swartkops area.

With its rich history and breath-taking landscapes, its natural deep harbour and every resource you could wish for, the town has always been recognised for its investment, tourism and logistical potential. Apart from its tremendous tourism potential, stakeholders are eagerly pursuing plans to engage in intensive crop farming activities, largely based on the perennial water supply offered by the Orange River.

The town is accessible by tar road and thus serves as perfect gateway to- and from the West Coast of South Africa allowing access to the coastal route down to Cape Town and back.

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