Otjiwarongo - A tourism hub second to none


Otjiwarongo - A tourism hub second to none

05 November 2020 | Tourism

This town has become a major player in the central north for many years now. Otjiwarongo is one of the few towns in the country, which has always and steadfastly shown growth.

It is a town, on which the Herero- and German-speaking population groups have had a great impact, but contrary to the historical conflict dating back to colonial times, this is a positive development. It would not unthinkable that this town possibly has the best ratio of affordable housing versus middle- and upper class housing in Namibia. It is a bustling community, which works according to long-term visions, resulting in a planned and organised environment, allowing for a broad scope of economic activities, with a strong focus on tourism.

The result is a reflection of the exact meaning of the Herero-language word Otjiwarongo: “The place where the fat cattle graze.” The area is blessed with mining- and industrial opportunities, good pastures and plenty of water.

The general area of Otjiwarongo can probably pride itself for having the highest density in guest- and hunting farms, as well as lodges and game reserves of any town of Namibia. The hospitality industry is focused on finding a solution for each taste, with the Waterberg Game Reserve and -Resort in the immediate area as you drive to Okakarara. A crocodile farm is found inside town and the Cheetah Conservation Fund has its game reserve not far from town. The biggest private game reserve Erindi is found along the way to Otjiwarongo (closer to Omaruru), while the Mount Etjo game reserve and “Okonjima, home of the Africat Foundation are relatively close to Otjiwarongo. The town has a massive hospitality offering, including affordable B&B’s and camping facilities.

It fits in perfectly with the concept of the “Omuramba Meander” tourism route established in the central North.

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