Stars under African Skies

Der Pool der Gästefarm Midgard.

Stars under African Skies

05 November 2020 | Tourism

By Frank Steffen

As a young boy a friend of mine invited me along, so we drove out to Midgard. That was at a time, when Werner List and his wife still spent a lot of time on what was then regarded as a showcase guest farm. And that it certainly was in every conceivable way. Since then many years have passed and the beautiful Midgard guest farm has over time been turned into one of Namibia’s most classic of classic hospitality destinations.

Midgard Country Estate is in the middle of the African bush, yet not far from Namibia’s capitol city, Windhoek. On its internet page it is rightfully described as a tranquil farmstead oasis, a perfect retreat from city life.

And it is up to you to decide whether you want to spend some time there alone, or as part of a family retreat, as they cater for all of us. As a visitor, you may opt to make it your first or your last stop, fact is that you are likely to have a wonderful time.

Midgard is available for meetings, conferences, team-building events or weddings. And that is where the Allgemeine Zeitung and the Tourismus-Namibia team come in. The Allgemeine Zeitung is now teaming up with O&L Leisure of the O&L Group of Companies in an effort to promote a worthy cause by hosting a special show on Friday the 22nd of January 2021.

Under the title of “Stars under African Skies”, the above will join the organization FLY & HELP, which has over the years raised funds for 330 school projects in Africa, Asia and Latin-America to an amount of approximately Euro 15.9 million.

In the past these concerts were held in Windhoek as a “Schlagernacht”, now it shifts to a new venue - and Midgard Country Estate welcomes you! The Lodge openly promises: “Our 46 newly decorated rooms, dining room, bar, two swimming pools, terrace and leisure areas, gym, sauna and private skittle alley, all situated in our luscious green country gardens, will ensure that your experience of this bush haven becomes a treasured memory.” Thus the perfect place to enjoy such a night together with Stars.

It will be a festive weekend to enjoy with friends and family! Great music performed by German stars such as Peter Wackel, Ireen Sheer, Mickie Krause and many more. The concert itself will take place Friday evening from 19h00 until 21h00, followed by an afterparty with DJ Goofy Förster. VIP-tickets will cost N$ 1 000 and general access N$ 300.

And on Saturday morning you can enjoy the Frühschoppen and pool party, again with DJ Goofy Förster and many other local artists. It starts at 11h00 and will end at 21h00 (Ticket of N$ 200 per person).

But join us for the weekend at a cost N$ 400 for both events.

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