24 Mai 2021 | Tourism

The quintessential urban cruiser

Urban Cruiser by name and urban cruiser by nature; Toyota has brought its feisty compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) to the rolling hills of Windhoek. Thanks to Indongo Toyota, an opportunity to test drive the exuberant manual transmission 1.5 Xi 54C presented itself, and My.Na Cars grabbed it.

by Augetto Graig

In an Urban Cruiser, grabbing opportunities comes naturally. That’s what this automobile is built for. Performance and energy efficiency, single-button convenience and confident familiarity were evidently in the design brief.

An all-around brawler that can punch above its weight has come to the "windy corner's", busy main streets and neighbourhood double-track short-cuts of Namibian suburbia. Keyless entry is complemented with push-button starting, which will wake the wily four-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol K-series engine capable of generating 77kW of power and 138Nm of torque.

Electric power windows are obvious; USB connectivity is essential; everyday needs are provided for - and generously - as with the double cubbyholes and convenient front and rear cupholders.

Strap yourself down and fasten your seatbelt - after adjusting your seat to take full advantage of the generous legroom in the interior of the vehicle, that is.

Willing and eager
Functionality and practicality are par for the course, from the steering wheel-mounted controls for the radio and telephone access to the seven-inch touch screen. The instrument panel is basic and easy to understand at a glance.

Steering wheel controls also activate the cruise control and onboard navigation system, which integrate with smart devices through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The buff profile of the Urban Cruiser benefits from the crossover-style protective mouldings. The grille and front look aggressive to help this vehicle fit right in on any busy street parking lot, and running about town is effortless thanks to responsive handling and inherent eagerness.

Despite being a compact SUV, the Urban Cruiser still boasts 328 litres of boot space and seating capacity for five. Rear parking distance control, with the optional reverse camera, helps to improve safety, while front, side and passenger airbags come standard with the vehicle which also features brake assist and anti-lock brakes.

Hit the open road
All that is just the most beautiful excuse to make your way out of the cosmopolitan creep of modern adult existence and hit the open road.

The Urban Cruiser affords you the ability to get out beyond the bright lights and really explore our incredible country.

The Xi 54C, the entry-level version of the Urban Cruiser, is available in five variants locally. You can own a brand new one for slightly less than N$250 000, while the 1.5 XR automatic transmission top of the range retails for about N$316 000.

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