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Customer Service Experience is of vital importance

15 March 2021 | Tourism

Meet Frauke Kreitz, Operations Manager: Leisure & Inbound, Rennies Travel Namibia

Personal overview:

I am a proud Namibian, with a passion to serve within the tourism industry.

I am extremly thankful to live in our country, the space, the surroundings comprising of a versatile environment, fauna and flora, the diversity of our ethnic groups and the daily sunshine.

Business focus:

Customer experience is one of our main focuses, to understand the needs of the customer and to deliver a service which is a combination of knowledge, experience, efficiency and empathy.

Our inbound focus it to create awareness amongst our local target market that we offer travel within Namibia, ranging from safaris, to self-drive tours, accommodation, incentive and groups, car hire or transfers and activities.

The latest inbound service Rennies Travel Namibia offers, is the Covid-19-Test-Center at our head office, in partnership with approved laboratories.

The leisure focus lies on the awareness for regional and international travel, from flights, cruises, beach holidays, rail and groups and incentives.

- How did you get into tourism?

My entry into the travel industry was paved by the advice of Mr Hein Daiber, career counsellor, and Mrs Jutta Schlee, who introduced me to the travel agent profession.

- What do you expect for tourism in Namibia for 2021?

I gladly share with you what I expect from myself, and that is to be open to new opportunities within the tourism spectrum, be it products, operations or services - broadening my way of thinking, becoming more flexible. Thinking outside the box!

- Did tourism in Namibia ever take a dip like this before?

Without doubt, a few lows have been experienced in past.

Quite frankly, it is not only the tourism industry, but numerous other industries in Namibia that are also taking severe strain due to the pandemic, a first for the entire world.

- How can locals support tourism in their own country?

To support local tourism, the Customer Service Experience is of vital importance.

The experience for any visitor of our country starts prior the envisaged visit to Namibia.

Namibia needs to generate customer loyalty and build positive reputations by providing efficient and friendly information and advice; providing assistance; dealing with complaints; dealing with problems; making sales; after sales advice and product knowledge.

Research has found that 72% of satisfied customers tell at least six other people about their positive interaction and experience.

A second and just as important point is the collaboration within the tourism sector, between tourism product provider and the travel service industry. A partnership amongst them, will reach a wide range of target markets, attracting local and international visitors.

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