Grumpy's fishing report

  • 4 Months Ago
  • TN-Leisure
The big kob suddenly started biting in the North.

Horingbaai and Canopy both produced decent numbers of big kob. This is not a daily occurrence but fish are being caught more regularly these days.

Indications are that the somewhat slow fishing season could change in the next few days. Conditions are looking favourable with beautiful calm days predicted.

The Winston wreck also rendered some good fish.

On a sadder note, some ski boat anglers tried catching more than their quota and were caught by fisheries. Some hefty fines were dished out. Tip offs from the public sent the fisheries all the way to the Winston wreck and once the ski boats arrived on the beach, the anglers were apprehended. Well done fisheries.

Anglers on ski boats, jets skis and kayaks, all tried their luck from the Mile 6 to Mile 14 area with some good sized kob being caught in between some smaller fish. Garrick, shad and horse mackerel made up the rest of the catches.

The snoek have disappeared. Let's hope next season will be better and longer for fishermen targeting these delicious game fish.

While fishing from a ski boat on Saturday, it was good to see large shoals of mullet in the deeper waters. These bait balls attract fish and in turn bigger fish too. One can do a lot with a mullet. It is probably the best bait to use alive (easier from a vessel) or one can fillet it for big kob. And use the head and gills for spotted gulley sharks. One can catch them using a throw net of about six feet in diameter. The best time to target mullet is at dusk an dawn.

The shark anglers are also having a great time next to the water. Some really big bronzies and spotties were landed. These were caught along the whole coast. The warmer waters bring them in really close in big numbers.

Tight lines!