Promenade for Independence Beach

  • 3 Months Ago
  • Tourism
Plans to construct green urban infrastructure on the Kuisebmond beach promenade at Independence Beach are on a roll.

The Walvis Bay municipality in principle approved the European Union (EU) funded Erongo Sustainable Governance lab; ‘participatory urban governance for resilient, safe and inclusive multi-functional public spaces in Namibia action’, which entails the construction of green urban infrastructure on Kuisebmond beach promenade earlier in March this year.

The chairperson of the management committee, Richard Hoaeb, explained that the municipal council granted in-principle approval for the municipality to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the city of Czerowenok, Poland in accordance with the municipal of Walvis Bay’s delegation of powers and assignment of duties and responsibilities policy. “In addition to the MoU to be signed, it was agreed that the council be kept updated and informed on the project progress on a two-monthly basis through Council’s informal information session. Also, that the ministry of urban and rural development’s approval be sought for the donation in kind through the EU’s Erongo Sustainable Governance Lab.”

The ministry’s approval was received and the two in-principle approvals were subsequently approved by the municipality. These include the immediate main commitments required from council to realize this action include a financial contribution of EUR 70 000 over the 36 months period of the action (the city pf Czerowenok is contributing EUR 6942 and the European Union EUR 1 310 000 which have been budgeted under vote: plan & design promenade Kuisebmond Beach.

The internal secondment (recruitment or appointment) of a project coordinator will be spending at least one-third of the 36 months of the project to ensure the successful implementation of the project in the Erongo region. Recommendations made were that Joseph Amushila serve as coordinator and David Uushona as acting as Project Management Advisor while they are still maintaining their council-appointed portfolios. The total remuneration for the two vacancies amounts to EUR 39 600 and EUR 10 800, respectively provided for in the funding and the council can either second internal staff or appoint external candidates to these two vacancies.

“It was recommended to second internal council staff due to cost savings, relevant internal knowledge, past and future exposures, capacity development and ownership towards the action. The above-mentioned arrangements will fulfil council’s Strategic Objective 3 while realizing PPP initiative SO7-EID 1,” said Hoaeb.

He explained that the immediate secondment of the internal council’s staff is recommended as one of the main and first steps. “This will ensure dedicated stewardship and local persons for the action. The signing of the draft Memorandum of Understanding; editing of relevant documentation, finalization and official nomination of supporting council staff as the project management committee (PMC), official external stakeholders’ consultations and establishment of partnerships Project Steering Committee (PSC); compliance to relevant local, national and international requirements and many more actions required can be started with.”

It was also recommended that the municipal council grants approval subject to a final go-ahead from the ministry of urban and rural development, for the municipality of Walvis Bay to enter into a corporate agreement with the city of Czerowenok, Poland in accordance with the municipal council of Walvis Bay’s delegation of powers and assignment for Duties and Responsibilities Policy. “It was thus recommended that the council approves the appointment of Joseph Amushila as project coordinator and David Ushona as acting project manager advisor while still maintaining their council-appointed portfolios."

Susan Lewis the Project Manager of the delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Namibia recently paid a courtesy visit to David Uushona, Acting CEO and Joseph Amushila, the head of parks and recreation regarding the construction of the Kuisebmond Beach Promenade in Walvis Bay. The project will fulfil one of the Council's Strategic Objectives contained in the Strategic Plan.