Walvis Bay proposes aquaculture zones

  • 1 Year Ago
  • Environment
Otis Daniels

The Walvis Bay municipal management committee has recommended that council grant approval for erven 433 to 444 at Dolphin Beach, extension two, to be declared an aquaculture development zone.

The sites are located between the new SADC gateway port (north port) and Dolphin Beach extension one (Aphrodite Beach), across the guano platform.

The municipality has set aside 12 erven at Dolphin Beach extension two for aquaculture development, and the aforesaid erven are zoned “aquaculture” in terms of the Walvis Bay town planning scheme and in accordance with the Urban and Regional Planning Act (Act No.5 of 2018).

Steps to follow

The erven have not been officially declared as aquaculture development zones in terms of the Aquaculture Act (Act No.18 of 2002), with the minister being responsible for the declaration of this.

The management committee has thus called on the municipality to formally submit the suggestion about the intended development for the attention of the fisheries minister.

Once the area is declared, it will be strictly used for mariculture and aquaculture purposes. This will also make it difficult for the plots to be rezoned for any other purposes. The committee has reasoned that, in view of the above, it is important for erven 433 to 444 Dolphin Beach extension two to be declared an aquaculture development zone to prevent the area from being used for non-aquaculture activities.


The purposes of an aquaculture zone, as per section 32 of the Aquaculture Act, are to attract, promote, or increase the development of aquaculture facilities in areas that are particularly suitable for aquaculture.

Aquaculture development zones also play a role in managing and controlling aquaculture in suitable areas, encouraging the transfer of technology and the development of responsible aquaculture practises, and generating or increasing employment in aquaculture. Such zones also serve to protect aquaculture developments and ensure responsible planning of aquaculture.